Theologically Orthodox. Socially Progressive.

We love Jesus and the Bible. We believe his grace and his power transform lives, including our own. We believe he is active within and among us, ordering our days and numbering our steps. We are also sinners who fall short every day, in many ways, and we cling to the cross with all our might.

Like the city that surrounds us, our church is vibrant, diverse, and growing. We are a theologically orthodox and socially progressive Episcopal church, committed to both sacramental worship through the Anglican liturgy and active ministry to the poor and marginalized among and around us.

Our various ministries embody all that defines our church, including our belief that faith is lived out in community; our commitment to caring for our brothers and sisters in Christ who are homeless; our excitement around what God is doing in and through the youngest members of our church family; our willingness to be co-creators with God; and our belief that God longs to meet us in prayer and hears our every word.

Around our table you’ll find a diverse group of people who represent all ages and stages of life. It’s a little bit funky, completely sacred, and a place full of warm welcomes and deep gratitude. Most of all, it has many seats and we’re sure there’s one with your name on it.

If you’re brand new to All Angels’, and would like information on our next Newcomers’ Dinner at the Rectory, feel free to email us and we’ll be happy to extend an invitation!