It’s been a tough few weeks. But, by all accounts, things are just going to get tougher. Already, we are at a place where the pastoral care needs for our parish are stretching our staff capacity, especially in the midst of new ministries and new learning. This will increase exponentially over the coming weeks and months.

Because of this, we are in a place where we need to decentralize some aspects of our ministry. Thankfully, we already have a system in place that can be adapted toward these ends: House Churches. I have spoken to our House Church leaders, and other leaders in various geographic regions throughout our city and its suburbs. Our aim is to create a “House Church+” network of support and care for parishioners throughout our various geographic regions. Our hope, by creating this network, is that we will be able to activate you all to offer care and support for one another when the staff is unable.

Here’s what I’m asking. Connect with a point person for your region by completing this online form.  I’m asking this even (and perhaps, especially) if you do not have immediate pastoral care needs yourself. If we’re going to be able to care for one another, we need everyone connected. Those of you without an immediate need may be the crucial piece in our effort to care for those who do.

House Church+ leaders are identified below. If you find the online form difficult to negotiate, you can also contact them directly. Their contact e-mails are listed beside their name below. 

If your region is not represented, or not adequately represented, please let me know. If you can be involved with coordinating the effort for your region, all the better.

Thanks very much.

In Christ,

Bergen Country (NJ)
Peter Field <>
Kimberly Malone <>

Pamela Wong <>

Jersey City
Richard Narramore <

East Harlem
Johna Hansen <>
Jonathan Hansen <

Winnie da Silva <>
Sushil da Silva <

Joshua Clayton <>
Jeannette Larson <

Upper West Side #1
Mary Johnson <>
Paul Johnson <>

Upper West Side #2
Abigail Hartley <>,
John Wagner <>

Upper West Side #3
Ryan Sears <>
Jordan Wesley <

Washington Heights & The Bronx
Renee Ehle <>

Hamilton Heights & Sugar Hill
Sarah Baggs Eastwood <>
James Eastwood <>

West Harlem
Erin Roesch <>