Righteous Relations at All Angels’

Vision: To  live into Christ’s desire for the church to be one in body by building a church that is diverse, equitable and inclusive for all regardless of race, socio-economic status, sexuality, gender, age or ability.

Mission: To foster personal and communal spiritual development through the practice of justice making, embodied solidarity and confronting structures of oppression as a church community, in our personal lives, in the life of the church and in the world.

Our Approach

We plan to journey along with the congregation as we move towards our vision. As we do our work, we will operate from the following Guiding Principles:

Guiding Principles

  • Christ-Centered – DEIB work at AAC will follow Jesus’ call for The Church to be a community of radical love and justice and will engage theologically to identify where our biases have obscured God’s intentions for our righteous relations with others


  • Community Informed – We will make decisions in a communal manner (grassroots, non-authoritarian, reflective), while we bring the congregation along on the journey by communicating regularly, clearly and transparently. 


  • Centering the Underrepresented – Our work will be informed by the experiences and unmet needs of brothers and sisters who have been historically most affected by discrimination and injustice and will amplify traditionally underrepresented perspectives as we engage scripture, worship and justice.


  • Structural Transformation – We will actively disrupt the systems that have historically disempowered others, including those that have normalized white, wealthy, male, heterosexual, and able bodied perspectives.  


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