Fall 2020 Call for Art

October 2020

We find ourselves in the midst of a global pandemic, a tense election cycle, and a major transition right here in our own parish. It isn’t difficult these days to feel fearful, frustrated, overwhelmed, and to ask with the psalmist, “How long, O Lord?” (Psalm 13:1). We can be honest and acknowledge these are dark times. 

And yet, as Christians we affirm that the light shines in the darkness (John 1:5). This is why we’ve already begun to renew our commitment to prayer and to fellowship, to the fundamental habits of the people of Jesus, believing together in hope that the light will not be overcome. And it’s why we embrace the gift of creativity as an essential faculty for these extraordinary times. 

The people of All Angels’ Church are unusually creative, generative and prolific. This doesn’t only apply to artistic pursuits, of course, but it certainly includes them. Many among us are active writers, painters, actors, songsters, storytellers, and makers of various sorts. Some are vocational artists while most are true amateurs, those who make for the love of it. We need you now more than ever.

Call for Art

In an effort to nourish the community and creative life of All Angels in this season, we’re publishing an online arts journal featuring works from our own parishioners. The arts ministry is organizing this project, and we hope for broad participation and representation from the whole church. We want your submissions!

We’re calling on the entire All Angels’ Church community to submit works of art, poems, films, musical recordings and scores, recipes, plays, coloring pages, photographs, crochets, essays, and more. These we will share with the church and reflect together on each, on the significance of making, on ideas that matter to us, and on the unique and diverse perspectives among us. All the while, we hope to celebrate the gifts of art and creativity and strengthen our common aesthetic life.

Online Journal & Theme for 1st Issue

The first online journal issue is targeted for release near Christmas, and we’re planning to organize it around the theme of mediation. Here’s arts ministry intern, Seth Trowborst, on this:

In this season, we are curious about mediation. How do we feel the exhilaration of a relationship mediated through a white screen in a slim black frame, plugged into the outlet behind us? Relationship and love? When the WiFi staggers, the face across from me gets blurry, pixelated, and I can’t quite hear the end of that sentence, can you say it again? How can we learn to ask forgiveness for all the people we have wronged, are actively wronging? How has Jesus mediated our life with God, how has he brought heaven to earth, me to you, All Angels to the city, and the city to All Angels?

Submit Work

To make a submission or ask a question, email Seth Little, director of worship arts, or Seth Trouwborst, arts ministry intern.

Digital submissions can also be directly uploaded to a Google folder by clicking the button to the right. Please send an email after uploading to alert us and to add any helpful information.

Permission & Ownership

Submissions grant All Angels Church permission to reproduce and publish your work, but you will retain full ownership of submitted works. We will make every effort to properly credit published work. After all, our goal is to promote you!

Submission Deadline for 1st Issue: Monday, November 9th








Ongoing Impact

We’re excited about this online arts journal, but we’re even more excited to engage the art our church makes! We hope the journal might become an anchor for a regular and robust practice of sharing and engaging art among our church and for celebrating the members of our community who produce it. All this, we believe, will serve to build up and edify the whole church in the abundant life we’ve been promised through our Lord Jesus Christ.

View the Arts Journal

February 2021

The All Angels’ Arts Publication, Vol. 1 is now live at allangelsarts.com! View it on your desktop (large screen) for best experience, and take your time in each “space”. We’re proud of this offering and hope it nourishes you in this trying season.