The Lord has done great things for us and we are filled with joy. 

Psalms 126:3

Our prayer

Creating safe and inspiring environments that build every student’s capacity to discern the mystery, brokenness, and promise of our world and, as the Spirit affirms, stay anchored in the truth that they are sources of delight to God and our church, and from that confidence, grow to generously and confidently lead within their neighborhoods through joyful lives of service and impact.

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Children's Worship (11am and 5pm)

During both of our services, children between the age of 5 – 11 are dismissed from the main service to meet in our Gallery for gatherings of conversation and reflection. Students are encouraged to ask questions, consider the lessons of our faith, and celebrate the big and small moments of their life with new and old friends.

Youth Groups (after the 11am service)

Middle Schoolers and High Schoolers meet each week for a time to share a meal, grow friendships, consider life and what’s next. 

Student Table at the Community Meal (after the 5pm service)

Sharing space together across differences is a core value at All Angels’. Students are welcome to gather with each other after the service to share stories, jokes, ask questions, and enjoy the gift of being a church family. 

Nursery (11am and 5pm services)

Our youngest members are free to play in a safe environment on our ground level, staffed by professional childcare providers. The nursery is open 15 minutes before the start of each service through a half hour after each service concludes. 

Prayer Guides




Schemes, Dreams, and Kings: 42 Days in Daniel

Daniel’s lessons of friendship and tenacity and faith amidst conflict are vital for a thriving spiritual life in New York. These prayers are invitations to seek God in places and moments of isolatation, and to seek God for insight, courage, and opportunities of service and influence. Access our prayer guide here. 

Lent: 40 Days for Making Space

Lent is an invitation to make space and see where God is at work in the lives and communities around us. By growing the language and vocabulary of our prayers, we raise our awareness to all the ways God transforms life within and around us. Access the Lenten prayer guide here.