Vision | Who are we called to be?

All Angels’ Church seeks to be a prayerful community experiencing and sharing Jesus’s love, acceptance, restoration and transformation with New York City and beyond.

Core Values | Observable, ingrained values that reflect who we are now.

● Our purpose is to love each other as Christ loves us.
● All are invited to our common life centered around Jesus’ table.
● The Holy Spirit transforms lives through scripture, worship, prayer, and community.
● All people have gifts for serving God and each other.
● The arts allow us to glimpse the glory of God.

Aspirational Values | Emerging, work-in-progress values that reflect who we seek to become

● We aspire to be a community of brave conversations, intentional trust-building, and accountability, in a safe environment.
● We aspire to welcome all and introduce them to Jesus.
● We aspire to advance racial justice as we grow into God’s Beloved Community.
● We aspire to grow together in the Gospel across differences, including economic status, citizenship status, gender, sexual identity, race, ethnicity, ability, and age.
● We aspire to the grateful knowledge that everything we have is a gift from God.
● We aspire to learn from our children and youth.
● We aspire to leadership that reflects our value of diversity, particularly in race and gender.

Mission | What are we called to do?

The mission of All Angels’ Church is to share the life-giving and radical love of God in Jesus Christ through worship, welcome, community and spiritual growth:

  • Worship: In adoration of a God who stoops to love us, we worship in ways that are open to creative expression, grounded in liturgical tradition, and receptive to the Holy Spirit.
  • Welcome: Having been welcomed into Christ’s family, we invite all to grow with us in Christ, wherever they are in their journey of faith and life.
  • Community: Respecting the dignity of every human being, we strive for justice and peace among all people and humbly engage in intentional relationships that are nurtured across differences and supported by God’s healing power.
  • Spiritual Growth: Embracing our brokenness, we persevere in resisting evil and sin, repent to God and each other, and trust the healing power of the Gospel as we seek to grow toward full maturity in Christ—individually and together

This is a living document that will be revisited and revised over time as we grow into our calling as a community.