All Angels' Make Cafe

About the Make Cafe Series

All Angels’ Make Cafes are fun, informal events designed to bring the whole parish together around creative skillbuilding. Stretch your imagination and scratch your creative itch while getting to know others in the All Angels’ community!

Why Creativity?

We’re the church. Shouldn’t we be getting on with the really important things like worship, discipleship and mission rather than fooling around with this creative stuff? Well, yes. Sort of. Christ calls his church to worship, to make disciples and to continually follow him in mission. But which of these tasks can be done without genuine creativity? The Bible teaches that the Creator God made humankind in his own likeness – like himself. To be creative, then, is to live into our most fundamental identity and an act of faith! We believe that developing our creative habits is a serious part of Christian formation, training ourselves to follow Christ with all that we are and have.

Why Together?

All Angels’ gathers for worship each Sunday to receive the Word and share the Table. These times are critical for our church and nourishing to this community. But worship is not always the ideal time for building relationships with other worshipers. What better way to build frienships than to tackle a project side by side? Make Cafes provide an opportunity for parishioners to come together outside of Sunday worship services with ample time to talk and snack and make…all in good company!

Recent Make Cafes

Check the calendar for upcoming Make Cafes, but take a look below at some scenes from recent ones including Gnocchi Night!

Make Cafes are sponsored by All Angels’ Worship Arts Ministry. Contact Seth Little, our Director of Worship Arts, with questions and comments. Follow All Angels’ on Facebook and Instagram to see highlights from recent Make Cafes and other church events.