The Christian life is lived in communities, big and small. Our House Churches are a vital part of how we do life together at All Angels’ and are a key complement to our larger Sunday worship services and related gatherings. By meeting in small groups on a regular basis, we form meaningful relationships, provide practical support and spiritual encouragement to each other, and wrestle with and deepen our faith.

Our gathering in communities also extends to the personal and group retreats which are a key feature of All Angels’ life. These retreats allow us to get out of the city and spend unhurried time with God and each other while sharing worship, teaching, prayer, fellowship, and fun.

Groups are available for a wide variety of ages and life stages, including singles, college students, and the older & wiser among us. 

Please review our House Churches above and contact our coordinators at to get connected.


The community house church is a relatively new group that meets weekly on Thursday evenings in the Whiting Room at All Angels’ Church. We are a multi-generational group of individuals with diverse experiences and backgrounds (some of us have experienced homelessness). We want to create a safe space for worship, prayer and sharing stories, as a means of bridging the divides that often separate us from one another, After sharing a pizza together, we follow a simple liturgy, with prayers and an imaginative gospel contemplation, followed by a time of sharing our stories, joys, and concerns, and praying for each other. Akira Tsuchiya and Gillian Wolfe-Tsuchiya



Upper West Side (2) meets monthly. Most of our 14 members have been together for twenty years. Our age range is folks from 50yr to 90yr. so our interests and concerns are with our adult children and aging issues, either with current medical problems or aging parents. Paul and Mary Johnson



Upper West Side (3) is a multi-generational house church that currently meets every other Tuesday evening to eat together, to study scripture, pray for each other, share our stories, highs and lows. We laugh together, weep together, love together, and try to follow Jesus more closely together. John Wagner and Abigail Hartley


Bergen County, NJ house church is a family friendly group that meets monthly, often on the first Saturday of the month. We often study a topic together over the course of a few months and fellowship together over a meal. Lately we’ve been offering a corresponding youth conversation for the 5th -9th graders in our house church.  Joe and Molly Solway


Uptown House Church is a multi-generational and diverse group of people who live in northern Manhattan and the Bronx. Our structure consists of a pot luck meal followed by prayer, compline prayer, a Bible study, or book study. We meet weekly from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Tuesdays in Harlem. We also spend time fellowshipping with one another outside of our normal meeting time.  Jeff Mays, Renée Ehle, and Yavonne Robinson


East Side house group is currently paused, but plans are afoot to resume!  


Brooklyn house church meets weekly on Thursdays at 7pm in person and zoom.  It Is a multigenerational group diverse in background and work, but united in our love of God, pastoring to one another, laughter, and socially-distant picnics. We don’t back away from discussing difficult topics or the occasional nerd-out, but always in the most relaxed and supportive way possible. And you don’t have to live in Brooklyn to join – our in-person meeting location is on the first stop in Brooklyn of several subway lines so we’re not as far away as you think!  Pam Wong




John Wagner and Abigail Hartley, House Church Coordination team