Please help us help others as we rebuild our kitchen 

“Around our table you’ll find a diverse group of people who represent all ages and stages of life. It’s a little bit funky, completely sacred, and a place full of warm welcomes and deep gratitude. Most of all, it has many seats and we are so glad that there is one with your name on it.”

We would like to thank you for all your contributions in 2018 toward the new kitchen.  Due to your sacrificial giving we were able to achieve our stewardship goals for the work.  The project has been slowed down by the requirement to source specialist contractors and make a detailed plan to resolve complex asbestos issues before New York City will consider our permit application. The additional cost for this asbestos remediation is around $35,000 and, depending on the response of city planners, there could be further, unplanned costs.   For that reason we continue to be open for donations, and remain deeply grateful for the generosity that has made the Kitchen Project, and so much of our lives here at All Angels’, possible.  For more information feel free to contact


*When donating, please select “Kitchen Fund / Capital Campaign” from the drop down options