Volunteer with Community Ministries

Our normal programs are currently suspended until further notice. We are not recruiting volunteers for on-site programs or services at this time. We will update this page ongoing with any current opportunities. To contribute, email whitney@allangelschurch.com

Current Opportunities (Updated April 12)

1. Support weekly shower & social services by providing toiletries, cleaning supplies
Volunteers will purchase or collect, sanitize and disinfect all received, and package in paper bags for drop off. Delivery is also accepted and most items can be found on our ongoing needs Amazon wishlist here: https://a.co/8wkj8kM

Toiletries include: shampoo, conditioner, bar soap, body wash, toothpaste, toothbrush, women’s pads, and razors.

Cleaning supplies include: Clorox bleach, hand-sanitizer, anti-viral hand soap, disinfectant wipes, rubbing alcohol, latex gloves in S/M/L, Fantastic (with Bleach) bathroom cleaner, face masks, and paper towels.

To support us further, visit our COVID-19 Response Needs Amazon wishlist here: https://a.co/hQYgnyq

2. Provide non-perishable and perishable food items for weekly snack boxes
Volunteers will purchase and have items delivered for snack box assembly. Snack boxes are given to shower and mail service participants. Items can include fresh fruit (apples, oranges, bananas), individually packaged food (granola bars, cheese sticks, nuts, yogurt), and water bottles.

(FULL) Join call list to contact CM participants
Volunteers will be assigned ~10 CM participants to contact 1-2 times a week. Volunteers will also share resources with participants and relay learned needs to CM staff.

(FULL) Research and report on open food sources
Volunteers will contact food pantry and food distribution locations to check on current status details, and share information with lead volunteer/CM staff on Google sheet. Volunteers will also create a simplified handout of all open locations for digital and in-person distribution.

(FULL) Research and apply for emergency funding for CM’s current operations
Volunteers will organize and review potential grant sources for eligibility, submission deadlines, etc. Volunteers will assist in writing grants to support emergency care efforts.

(FULL) Make and drop off COVID-19 care packages
Volunteers will purchase, make, or collect masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, anti-viral wipes, and granola bars. Volunteers must disinfect and sanitize all items, and package in paper bags for drop off. Additional items to consider are water bottles, socks, body/face wipes, other non-perishable foods.

For all questions, or more information, email whitney@allangelschurch.com

Volunteer Opportunity Details
Pathways Hospitality: Oversee a computer lab for resume preparation, assist in the mailroom, facilitate a workshop, lead an art or yoga class, facilitate sign-in for showers and other services, coordinate clothing donations, or oversee the coffee and food table. Training is provided.

Sunday Shelter Overnight Hospitality: Provide oversight and monitoring to Sunday night shelter with staff person. Tasks include sleeping in close proximity to shelter guests; assisting with morning clean-up; directing guests to facilities, linens, and toiletries; and creating a warm, loving environment for our guests. Training is provided.

Bible Study Co-leader or Companion: Participate in or leading discipleship groups, Bible studies, or wellness and life-skills classes. Training is provided.

Special Projects: Conduct classes, workshops, or special projects that meet felt needs according to your professional experience or assist in the decoration of spaces for special events such as Christmas and Thanksgiving dinners.

Prayer Team: Cover our programs, staff, guests, and volunteers in prayer before or during our weekly programs. This can be done from home, at work, or in person according your your schedule.

Administrative Assistance/Grant Writing: Provide administrative support to the Director of Community Ministries. Possible tasks include organizing volunteer teams; data collection, input, and analysis; organizing resources and referrals; locating potential funding sources; and other administrative tasks.

Deep Cleaning: Assist in the organization and/or cleaning of highly trafficked Community Ministries areas including our shelter, pantry, storage, kitchen, and more. This opportunity is great for groups who like to get their hands dirty!