Community Ministries

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Community Ministries

Community Ministries provides safety and support to those navigating or recovering from homelessness or hardship with practical, compassionate care, spiritual formation and encouragement through prayer, and radical community across societal boundaries.

It is a space where we provide an intentional community where there often is none, actively love when it is hard, and live across classes and cultures as Christ has called us to

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Programs & Services

We welcome you to join us for practical, compassionate care; spiritual formation and encouragement; and radical community through one or more of our community-focused programs.

Pathways Drop-in Program

Tuesdays & Thursdays, 8am – 2pm

Through this program, All Angels’ ministers to the basic needs of individuals living homeless or in extreme poverty through a light breakfast; showers and fresh clothing; mail service; and medical, psychiatric, and social services.

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Evening Worship & Community Meal

Following the 5pm service, a hot meal brings together the homed and homeless as we break bread in a beautiful and hospitable atmosphere. We consider this meal an extension of our evening worship as we feast with gratitude and thanksgiving.

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Bible Study

Sundays at 3:45pm

All are invited to join us for Bible Study each week. Together, we learn how to express ourselves without fear of judgment, to identify our personal strongholds through the lens of the gospel, and to commune with God and others.

Community Building Events

Through art events, annual Christmas and Thanksgiving celebrations, vigils and memorials, and more, we invite those within and beyond our community to break down barriers, give a voice to the voiceless, and make visible the invisible. Details will be posted on our homepage at the appropriate time.