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Where is the nursery?

It’s located on the first floor at the back of Palmer Hall.

Can I park my stroller?

Yes, you can park a stroller right outside the Nursery.

What are the nursery hours for AM and PM services?

The nursery opens at 9:45 a.m. and closes at 12:45 p.m. (and at 12:00 during summer Sundays) for the 10 a.m. service

The nursery opens at 4:45 p.m. and closes at 6:30 p.m. for the 5 p.m. service

What ages are accepted in the Nursery?

  • For the morning service, the age range of 6 months to age 3 is strictly observed.
  • For the evening service, children age 6 months through 7 years are welcome in the nursery. There is no formal Children’s Ministry Program.

What is the staffing like?

There is a combination of staff and volunteers who work together to ensure each child is safe and cared for.

Will I get a buzzer?

No. You will register your child, including leaving your cell phone number, which ensures that we have your contact information on hand should we need to reach you during a service.

Are there snacks available in the nursery?

  • A small snack of Goldfish or animal crackers will be served during nursery time.
  • Allergies can be noted during registration.

Can I leave my own snacks?

Labelled snacks may be left for your child.

What about diapers and changing?

In complying with the Safe Church Policies of the Episcopal Diocese of New York, diapers are not changed and children are not assisted with toileting. We ask that parents leave babies and toddlers with clean diapers. If your child needs a diaper change, we will send you a text.

How do you handle a crying child who wants to come back to a parent?

After a reasonable amount of time attempting to comfort a child, a staff member will alert you via text (and can also look for you in the sanctuary if needed).


How are children subdivided by age? I don’t want my 3 year old next to a 10 year old!

There are four sub-groups for both Children’s Worship and Sunday School. Children are divided into age-appropriate groups and all content is curated for their developmental level.

So there is something for children during the morning service AND after the service?

  • Children’s Worship occurs during the service from 10:15 until 11:00. Children begin and end the service with their parents. They are escorted out and brought back in before communion begins.
  • Sunday School occurs after the service during the academic year from 11:30-12:30.

What Children’s Programming is available for my child at the 5PM service?

Nursery care for young children age 6 months through 3 years is available during the evening service. In addition, children age 3 to 7 years may join in the nursery activities with snack and a Bible story. Parents drop off and pick up their children from the nursery. Children over 7 years old remain with their parents during the service. A new Evening Children’s Worship for 3 to 7 year olds will begin in September 2018.

What about snacks, lunch, and children?

A light snack, called a “feast” is incorporated into Children’s Worship. It is usually Goldfish crackers and water. Lunch is served during Sunday School and includes items like turkey sandwiches, bagel bites, and cocktail franks.

How does my child get to Children’s Worship and/or Sunday School?

  • Children’s Worship: Children are escorted out of the service by staff and returned by staff and volunteers in time for Communion.
  • Sunday School: Parents are required to drop off and pick up your child on the 4th floor.

Do I need to register my child?

  • First time visitors may send their child to Children’s Worship when all the other children leave. A parent is needed to accompany a child and inform the storyteller if allergies or special circumstances exist.
  • First time visitors must personally drop off their child for Sunday School on the 4th floor at 11:30. An online registration form is required for new families.

What about children and the bathroom?

Safe Church Guidelines by the Episcopal Diocese of New York do not allow volunteers to assist children with toileting. Parents are required to take their children to the bathroom before service and before Sunday School.

How safe is it? How many adults are present?

In compliance with Safe Church Guidelines, children always have two volunteers present within sightlines.

Will my visiting child need any special kind of registration for children’s worship or Sunday School?

  • Visiting children are included in Children’s Worship without advanced registration. When allergies or special circumstances exist, a parent must accompany the child and inform the volunteer of the special circumstances.
  • Visiting or new children should be escorted to Sunday School in person. Additionally, a new family registration form is available here.


What does my visiting youth do during the worship service?

All Angels’ youth remain in the worship service and there is not a separate youth worship service concurrent with Sunday services.

Are there youth programs on Sundays for my visiting youth?

Youth Groups runs every Sunday following the academic calendar immediately following the Sunday morning service from 11:30 to 12:30.

Should my visiting youth register before attending youth group?

Visiting youth are welcome to drop in on any Sunday Youth Group.

Where do youth groups meet?

The Junior High YG meets in the basement youth room and the Senior High YG meets in the 3rd floor gallery.

Do youth get anything to eat?

Food is available for youth to snack on during youth group.


I have visited the church and am thinking about joining. I would like a deeper description of Children’s Worship, Sunday School, Youth Group, and the kinds of activities that take place during that time: Sunday school curriculum, events, and clubs.

  • Children’s Worship uses Godly Play.
  • Sunday School meets immediately after the 10 a.m. service and ends by 12:30 p.m.
  • At present there is no Children’s Worship or Sunday School offered at the 5 p.m. service.
  • Sunday School classes uses the Orange curriculum, which includes games, bible stories, drama, and so on to go deeper into monthly themes
  • Events include the Christmas pageant and the rehearsing leading up to, Footsteps: a Palm Sunday interactive children’s passion play, Jewish Holy Days; we celebrate Jewish holidays like Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Hanukkah, Passover Seder, Purim; Pentecost, Epiphany
  • Children’s Clubs at the 10 a.m. service:
    • Acolyte Club, children from K to 5th grade serve as acolytes once monthly, for Baptisms, and other Feast Days. Annual tea party with the Altar Guild-furthering intergenerational relationships
    • Children’s Missions Club- children meet monthly, select a new focus annually, learn about their project, pray, engage in inventive fundraising to support their project, guest speakers who might tell about the village where the goat, for example, was given.
    • Calvin Vital Worship Grant Project-hot off the press, AAC is a Worship Grant Winner for 2018-2019- this year’s project is to create dramatic pieces with child actors to embed in our worship service. Their purpose is to enhance and refresh multigenerational experience of liturgical worship.
  • There are Junior High (6th-8th Grade) and Senior High (9th-12th Grade) youth groups that meet immediately after the 10 a.m. service.
  • Youth fellowship nights are scheduled periodically at the homes of families of Junior High and Senior High youth (meeting separately for each group).
  • Youth worship nights are scheduled periodically on Fridays.
  • Summer missions trips are scheduled annually.