3 Years – 5th Grade

Our Children’s Ministry focuses on creating opportunities for kids to experience God in a way that is playful, child-centered, and holy. Children ages three years – fifth grade begin the service in our main sanctuary with their parents before being invited to join Children’s Worship on the third and fourth floors where sacred stories, parables, and liturgical traditions are brought to life in small groups via Godly play curriculum. Children are invited to respond at their own pace while they wonder and marvel at the holy around them.

Following Children’s Worship, children rejoin their parents in the sanctuary for Communion and coffee hour following service. A light lunch is served to children at 11:30am when Sunday School begins. In the hour that follows, children learn about prayer, worship, the church, Bible stories, and more, all through movement, creative activities, games, and stories.

Collectively, these activities help shape our children’s understanding of God and their place in his larger story while creating space for God to work in the lives of the youngest among us.

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