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Create. Respond. Worship. Grow.

In the beginning, God created. At All Angels’, our Arts ministry reminds us that we are co-agents with God in the world he’s made.

We believe the arts are a key way for us to witness God’s creative power on earth. In fact, it is through the arts that we experience the fullness of God, together. Through our Arts ministry, we worship and meet with God; are further formed into the likeness of Christ; and step beyond ourselves to serve and inspire those outside of our immediate church community.

Our Worship Arts ministry is much more than singing songs during Sunday services, though it’s certainly that, too. It’s also a pioneering approach that sees the arts as a fundamental expression of God’s command to “be fruitful and multiply”, a way for Christians to grapple with the human condition in a way that invites dialogue and fosters relationship inside and outside of the church, and as a soul-nurturing, community-building ministry that further knits us together in Christ.

We seek to fully integrate the arts into the mission of our church through worship services, ministering to artists of all kinds, commissioning and hosting art exhibitions, using our physical space in ways that affirm God’s creative power, and opening our doors and minds to the creativity on display in our neighborhood and city.

Through all of this and more, the arts allow us to meet with God and to be further formed by his creative power and saving grace. 

Join the Worship Arts Team

Our Worship Arts Team plays a vital role in leading All Angels’ Church in worship each week. We help our community to engage with God through music, visual art, theater and drama, verbal arts, dance, audio-video and more. Gathered worship is a collective endeavor, so as participants in the Worship Arts team, we work together to develop our own habits of worship, prayer, and service as we seek to be formed into God’s image. We also celebrate learning and those who serve in worship at All Angels’ are encouraged to stretch out, take risks, and grow their creative and leadership skills. Do you play an instrument or sing? Could you write a prayer or a script? Do you enjoy operating audio-visual equipment? If yes, we’d love for you to join our team! Sign up now on our Volunteer page.

Connect With Other Artists

We believe artists have a unique role to play in the mission of the church and it’s our goal to ensure that those gifted in the arts will be fully equipped and empowered to serve the church and the world. If you’re an artist, we invite you to come connect with other artists at All Angels’ as we serve together in worship, formation, and outreach. We provide regular opportunities for artists to gather for fellowship while we support each other in our professional and creative work and in our aspirations to be remade in God’s image. Check the Arts Calendar below for connection events like our monthly artists’ workshare lunch and quarterly dinner. You can also join our Facebook group and Google email group to be in more direct contact with this community of artists.

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