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In the beginning, God created. At All Angels’, our Arts ministry reminds us that we are co-agents with God in the world he’s made. We shape the future and usher in New Creation, actively participating with God. It is through the arts that we experience the fullness of God, together, reveling and reminded of his personality; love, justice, abundance, hope, sorrow, beauty, endurance. We recognize art as honest reckoning with the world around us, before us, ahead of us.

Art lovingly necessitates community, and we revel in the honesty, the fulfillment, and the diversity which surrounds art. Our Worship Arts ministry is much more than singing songs during Sunday services, though it’s certainly that, too. It sees the arts as a fundamental expression of God’s command to “be fruitful and multiply,” a way for people to grapple with the human condition in a way that invites dialogue and fosters relationship inside and outside of the church, and as a soul-nurturing, community-building ministry that  further knits us together in Christ.

Through all of this and more, the arts allow us to meet with God and to be further formed by his creative power and saving grace.

Open mics, theater visits, drawing in the sacntuary during service; book groups, writing workshops, honest conversations; documentaries, exhibits, prayer. Sharing meals, loving our community and more; we welcome your participation!

Gnocchi Night 1


of recent projects.

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Spotlight on Parishioner Art

Short Film | Manny Cacciatore

All Angels’ Arts Journal, Vol. 1


A curated presentation of parishioner art published during the COVID-19 pandemic while our church was restricted from gathering in-person.

Rebecca Vander Meulen,

Palm Sunday in Linchinga

A visual celebration of one particular African Anglican community by All Angels’ parishioner Rebecca Vander Meulen.

Lana Norris, 

Songs I Sing in Waiting

A woman’s experience of infertility, miscarriage, and grief is given voice in a new art song cycle.


Origin of the 5PM Service

The Orgins of the 5 PM ServicePaul L. Johnson | December 9 2021.In the March of 1985, All Angels’ created an evening service to supplement the two services that met in the morning, at 9:00 and at 11:15 a.m. This third service at 7:00 p.m. on Sundays was intentionally informal and open to being “spirit-led”; and yet the Eucharist was celebrated every time. The evening congregation was partly made up of people who had been away for the weekend, and some who attended other churches in the morning; On the whole, a primarily white service.  Two years later, on the evening of July 17, 1988, the service had an unexpected shift. Fierce rain kept those who visited for afternoon meal inside, a community primarily composed of people of color. A...

Mako Fujimura

As an artist and a Christian, I consistently struggle with what to do with my time. What should I be pursuing, how can I love the people around me? My motivation to create does not flow directly from Biblical texts. As friends and mentors encourage me to evangelize or lead a Bible study, I feel insufficient telling them I have to make time to write, to take photographs, to spend time doing nothing but staring at the ceiling, watching the light crawl around. I can’t back my actions up with a quick interpretation of a gospel text. I struggle to communicate why I believe God wants me to write letters on a page. Mako Fujimura begins to answer that question. He is a Christian as well as a painter, a writer, a thinker, and more. He imagines and...

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A Benediction for Makers

“Let us remember that we are sons and daughters of God, the only true Artist of the Kingdom of abundance. We are God’s heirs, princesses and princes of this infinite land beyond the sea, where heaven will kiss the earth.

May we steward well what the Creator King has given us, and accept God’s invitation to sanctify our imagination and creativity, even as we labor hard on this side of eternity. May our art, what we make, be multiplied into the New Creation. May our poems, music, and dance be acceptable offerings for the cosmic wedding to come. May our sandcastles, created in faith, be turned into permanent grand mansions in which we will celebrate the great banquet of the table.

Let us come and eat and drink at the supper of the Lamb now so that we might be empowered by this meal to go into the world to create and make, and return to share what we have learned on this journey toward the New.”

-Mako Fujimura, Art and Faith

Manny Cacciatore, Cart Rolling Downhill